Chatbot: An Innovation of Modern Technology

Chatbot: An Innovation of Modern Technology

Today, the technological evolution is on extreme; it is bringing transformations in every vertical with newer gadgets and software. And, Chabot is an important innovation of this huge wave of development. Today the huge number of people is using different messaging apps, and the ratio is skyrocketing.

Chatbot is basically a Computer programs that can have real conversations. This chat interface enables chatbot to interact with users. These days, chatbot is used with almost all famous messaging applications. It is made on advanced technology that can understand written and spoken text, and interpret its meaning as well. The bot then looks up relevant data and send it to the user. With the popularity of messengers, virtual chatterbots based on human conversations for addressing the problems of people are becoming increasingly in demand.

Types of Chatbot Platforms to Use

The following are the three main types of chatbot; they are divided according the background on their particular uses and variations.

  1. Support chatbot

Support chatbot is built having expertise in a single domain. It walks a user through any major business processes and answers a wide range of FAQ-type questions.

  1. Skills chatbot

Skills chatbot is typically more single-turn-type bots; it does not need a lot of contextual awareness. It has set some commands that are intended to make life simple. It mainly follows commands quickly, so that your users can multitask while engaging with the bot.

  1. Assistant chatbot

The Assistant chatbot is in between the two chatbots. It is able to work best when it knows a little bit about a variety of topics. This chatbot is conversational and responds to just about anything.

Here there are the best benefits of Chatbot: 

Availability for 24/7

It is a fact that the working hours of employees is limited so, it is not possible for them to stay available every time. With the introduction of the Chabot, it is not tough anymore. Chabot ensures continuous interaction with customers at 24/7. Here, clients can easily tend to any unforeseen emergency and receive a fast response from the company side.

Helping Hand for Handling Queries

If you are receiving a lot of inquiries, and getting it tough to handle them, here chatbot can take the load off your customer support team and manage the queries effectively. By acting as the first point of contact, Chatbot can screen calls from customers and redirect them to human agents only when it will be important.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

It is one of the biggest advantages of Chatbot is that it requires a very small investment for development and maintenance in comparison to human assistants. Once deployed a Chabot is able to address the queries of any number of customers on the go. It allows customers to get instant assistance without the need for waiting in long calling queues.


The use of chatbot is gaining more and more individuals and firms integrating the AI bots in their day-to-day activities, because of its huge potential. Moreover, the chatbots foster bonds between entrepreneurs, developers and end users in the short span of time.

Engage Users Uniquely

In the earlier days, customer questions were routed to businesses through the email or the telephone. It made user experiences fairly standard and non-customized. When chatbots entered the market, it offers a new and interactive way to engage with brands.

In nutshell, chatbot is the perfect assistants having artificial intelligence and another technological advancement. It is dramatically changing the business world. It is being used for multipurpose on diverse verticals.

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