Women’s Political Empowerment Day 2019

Women’s Political Empowerment Day 2019

Every year Women’s Political Empowerment Day is celebrated on 22 April, because this day, in 1994, women were given a 33% reservation on the seats of Panchayats. It was done with the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution. The 73rd & 74th Constitution Amendments played a very important role in the country. First of all, it focused on local empowerment and provides authority to local powers, and second is on women empowerment.  Earlier, panchayats and municipalities used to function virtually as subordinate offices of the state governments that controlled senior appointments, finances, planning, and programmes and could supersede them anytime for any reason.

These amendments provide constitutional status with a fair amount of autonomy to them and one of the most important decisions to empower women by offering them one-third reservation in the election as councillors and as chairpersons. In results, approx one million women participated in the panchayats election.

It was possible because of the Institute of Social Services, who campaigned for the enactment of the Panchayati Raj Act. Ever since the 24th of April has been known as a day to celebrate the empowerment of women and take more actions in their favour.

Every year, a huge number of Panchayat members come together and discuss on a given theme and come up with conclusions to promote the empowerment of women in Politics. Also, at this ceremony, members, who did anything remarkable for women and society in the past year they are awarded for their contribution.

This year, it is the 26th annual celebration to motivate women to grow. Every year, the day set the tone for the political empowerment of women at the grassroots.  Celebrating this day is really a humble step in the direction of creating awareness among elected women representatives about the diverse provisions of the Panchayati Raj Act and inspiring them to make collective decisions on the matters concerning their life and livelihood at their respective Gram Panchayat level itself.  The annual conglomeration also supports the elected Panchayat presidents from various parts of the country to share their knowledge, experience and to build a strong network of Panchayats and people.

if we go with one concept to keep in mind above all others, it’s that gender equity is vital 24-7-365. And, it is not just as a once-a-year observance, but this should be done every time everywhere. The ultimate goal of celebrating International Women’s Day is to go in all ways to ensure the safety, empower and development of women with a special focus in the political segment. Women empower is important not only for their growth but for the welfare of the entire society.

It is said and many research has proved this fact that economies cannot reach its full potential if half the population is systematically blocked from full participation. This fundamental idea of celebrating any day focused on women is to make an effort and motivates others as well to take steps in order to address gaps in gender equality.

Our deepening work to close key gender gaps shows that the issues go far beyond economic inequity. Barriers to women’s full economic participation also impose moral, emotional and at times even physical costs. Although in the date of today, most women in the world have the right to vote, there is still a big disparity between the number of women and men who are actively involved in politics as a voter or as a representative. According to the data, only 21% of women will be parliamentarians and will serve as head of state or head of government in twenty-four countries.

There is no a shortage of talent or knowledge, there are numerous talented women. They can be effective public leaders. But they are being excluded from the pool of available candidates due to financial problems, social barriers and sometimes because of their personal problems.

Here, there is the need of strong decision not only by government but also by people. Then, celebrating Woman’s Political Empowerment Day will bring any positive result. Women are capable of do anything if they are given a proper situation.

Women are like tea bags, we can know their strength until, they are in the hot water.

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