When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour

A hardcore professional, who started his professional journey from the grass root level by being a disciplined marketing person and diligently worked his way up to heading Pharma companies in India. He was instrumental in ideating Nephrology as a niche therapy segment in India. His diverse roles in various pharma companies groomed his business acumen to put him in the right direction to launch his own business venture. Life is not always what we envisage, sometimes it puts you to grinding experiences, which then become a trigger to change your course. This happened to Mr Arora, when he had some serious health problem during prime of his youth. Though this was both personal and professional setback, however, the zeal to excel helped overcome this hurdle and there commenced the inception and journey of Alniche Lifesciences.

This new chapter in his professional expedition started with modest funds and supported by an inspiration from his family, mentors, colleagues and doctors. Though easier said than done, the decade of hard-work has been marked with the phases of learnings, successes and growth. There were the times when going was tough but rightly said, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As a new organization, it was utmost important to select right people and products. Initially, Alniche had focus on Nephrology segment and with time Critical care, Gastroenterology, Skinceuticals and Advanced wound care segments enriched the product portfolio. He still recollects the days when his industry friends from Biocon, Madras Pharma and BDR Pharma helped him with supplies of products to support the initial years of the organization. Mr Girish thanks members of trusted Leadership team (Mr. Jayan C.P., Mr Mumtaz Siddique, Mr. Praveen Gautam, Mr. Pravin Naik, and Mr. Bishwa Sahoo) and pulled the company though all crests and troughs to make Alniche one of the fastest growing companies of India.

Today, Alniche is a name to reckon with, organization is leaping with big strides and achieving three to four folds growth in comparison to the industry. Mr Arora has laid down a clear ten-year vision for the organization with its six key growth initiatives: –

  • Gain market share in existing therapies
  • Reach among top ten Pharma companies in India
  • Open new therapy & allied healthcare verticals
  • Watch top & bottom line of all business verticals
  • Train operational teams to handle independent P&L
  • Higher responsibilities to performers

Mr Arora attributes his success to his team in Board of Directors, Ms. Ritu Hasija- Director-Corporate Affairs, Mr. Sumit Arora- Director- Sales and Logistics, Ms. Mehak Arora- Director- Procurement and Planning and Mr. Karan Arora- Director- International Business.

God’s grace, hard work, team effort, destiny, honesty, fast decision-making and ability to take business risks are the values that Mr. Arora trusts as the facilitators of the success of his group. He considers Late Mr. N.K. Ummat, Mr. Arun Khanna and Mr. Dilip Surana as his mentors whose grooming helped him to efficiently handle his businesses.

Additionally, he strongly believes that every professional should individually contribute to the growth of the society, as “Giving Back to The Society” helps build a cohesive society thus a strong nation. In continuation to this thought, he benevolently helps organizations who are involved in female education & hygiene, healthcare to needy and charitable hospitals. He adheres to the philosophical thoughts that God is the Giver and rest all of us are his medium to serve. His dream is that Alniche scales newer heights with the support of his capable & competent employees who he respects as his family.

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