What’s its actually being Legal ?

What’s its actually being Legal ?

As an individual, we all know what is basically implied by the term ‘legal’. It basically means being under the law and not doing anything that goes beyond it which becomes unlawful. In India, everything happens legally and that’s how our country has been going much better as compared to past. All the legal laws are made by the government for the betterment of the society. If these laws were not prevalent then it could turn out to be far more worst for the people as well as for ourselves too. It won’t be wrong to state that a country with an active legal system would be like a dog without leash for the legal system outlined the boundaries of every individual.


Well you must have heard about how illegal is to drink outside on the road or to supply drugs, How illegal is it to paint the walls and break the traffic rules ? What if someone doesn’t agrees to it?

Our upcoming youth must be wondering about many such questions. This makes it all the way more important to understand as to why a legal system is important and moreover why it needs to be followed. You must have heard about how legally laws are obeyed in abroad and if we talk about our country too, you might have noticed or will notice in future that improvements are being made moreover it is just the starting. Because the main aim is to focus on making our country a better place to live in.

Why our people so much afraid of the police ?

Because these powerful people actually help our nation to be better since they are the first individual to know the basic of what impact ‘legal’ has in our country. It is our sole responsibility to follow these laws religiously in order to do our buy in making our nation to be much better for the upcoming generation too.


A special class should be taken in each and every school regarding how important it is since the younger generation easily learns and adapts to whatever is being taught to them so why not take a step today so that we don’t regret later on.  A good habit inculcated in the early stages surely goes a long way in reaping better results and a better tomorrow.


You must have heard about many divorce cases or murders are already happening around us?

If a proper legal action is not taken then you can even imagine how the situation can turn out to be worst than it actually is today. Even thought the legal system does needs improvements but surely is good enough to keep the country at a liveable state. Maybe today its happening with someone else but as you know life is unpredictable, maybe the next person can be you. This implies how important is a legal system to be followed.

Why do we only think about ourselves ? Why are the steps not taken already?

A little precaution is always better so why not teach others and be prepared ourselves to literally obey these legal rules and obey them diligently because they are made for our safety. Even smaller states like U.P. and Bihar etc  are developing since a set of new and powerful rules are being put forward so that each and every individual will actually obey them. Since we all should know how such a small word can have a big impact on our lives. At the end, its you who can decide what is better and what is not.

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