5 Latest Technology Trends in HR Industry

5 Latest Technology Trends in HR Industry

Modern technology plays a profound role in every segment. Internet of things augmented reality, robotics machine learning, predictive software, artificial intelligence and then, mobile devices have brought diverse revolution in every industry. The invention of multifarious human resource management solutions has provided professionals an iron in the fire to wrap up traditional HR activities in a reduced time span. With just a single click in an application, people have the potential to control the entire office. Now is the moment to transform the way of management in the workforce with the innovation of the best technology out there, companies are inclined for encouraging teamwork, employee engagement, collaboration, and new innovations. And, human resource solutions and strategies are expected to follow the approach that is engaging, useful, and productivity-oriented. It has consequently made them focus on attracting the quality manpower, retaining human capital, aligning organizational strategies with individual goals, and managing human resources in a way that bring organizational progress.

It is expected that major technological gadgets will enter the market and enhance Human Resource performance in the near future. Here, there are the recent technological shifts that are transpiring the HR sector these days:

Cloud-based Systems: Bridging the Gap

The cloud-based system is a manifestation that pays heed the move from systems of record to systems of engagement. The transformation may make software easier to understand and navigate, while also enables employees to utilize the system. And, when it happens obviously HR staffs will get extra time to complete their administrative tasks.

Cloud-computing is actually bridging the gap between management and the rest of the team; it effectively eliminates the communication gap. Information flow has become instant, and this has made data analysis straightforward. HR personnel can now take decisions in better ways concerning recruitment. For those start-ups, who are willing to boost productivity, increase worker engagement and save time, investing in cloud-based human resource solutions is a perfect place to start.


Blockchain: Ever-growing List Recorder

The blockchain is basically a database that stores the increasing list of records, it is also known as a distributed ledger technology. Blockchain enables the digital data to be distributed, but must not be copied. The software performs in numerous pathways like digital process management, resolve certification issues, boost transparency, automate routine, improvise overseas electronic payroll, and data-heavy processes, fraud prevention, cyber security, and many more.

Robotic process automation:  Transformer of the Manual Process

In this ultra-modern age, when Artificial Intelligence is executing to automate the Talent Acquisition process, the Robotic Process Automation transform the manual processes in the HR department, compress time-consuming processes like employee on boarding. RPA technology also finishes the repetitive tasks like forming a new employee record in the employee database, collecting employee documentation and adding a new employee in the payroll system and supports HR professionals to save time.


Chatbots: Multitaksing Software, Bringing Satisfaction

The list of the latest innovation in the HR industry is incomplete without mentioning chat bots. The chat bots is nothing more than a piece of software, but it has multiple advantages. The application is powered by artificial intelligence, taking care of numerous tasks including think of sourcing, screening and scheduling candidates for instance. These chat bots also have natural language processing capabilities so that they can understand human language. Chatbots is considered as a real boost for candidates’ experience and satisfaction.

Xoxoday: Recognizing Employees Achievements

The Xoxoday employee rewards & recognition is an excellent platform for branding any organization. It has become a central point for celebrating value-based employee achievements and accomplishments. Xoxoday program carries out a diverse group of employees together from diverse cultures, languages, age, locations, departments, and designations. Its rewards platform functions as an extension of the HR team, the partner in employee success, every step of the way.

The believed concept of HR technology trends is expected to pay a hefty sum of profits; however, there is a need for proper planning and implementation. In conclusion, the impact of worldwide developments in the present competitive business environ­ment will constantly reform the role of the HRD and its function. Companies are recognizing the need for talent development and for HRD professionals in their organizations to keep their human resources at the cutting edge. Moreover, it is found that the information age needs a different type of learner, one who can get very fast, one more highly skilled than in the past.

HRD managers will no longer merely be managers of the training departments, it is beyond of it. There is a complicated task that needs competency in more than just human resource or training management. The HRD manager’s new role constitutes a perfect blend of numerous fields of knowledge.

The top HRD trends identified in these articles presents opportunities for companies to promote the organizational learning to the modern realities in the broader strategic learning aspect.  At last but not the least, we need to leverage technology, while making it sure that learning strengthens all current efforts in talent management.

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